Products Designed By Other Artists…..

The products below were designed by others. Some are created to be personalized by you with your name, monogram, and/or pictures.

The products I have posted here include T-Shirts, iPhone Case, Necklace, Ceramic Ornament, and even a Lunch Box, but there are many more products available in the MarketPlace!

Couples Funny Other Half His Shirt

Couples Cute Other Half Her T-shirt

Chevron fade pattern iPhone 5 cover

Champion By Party I mean Take Naps Softball Jersey Tee Shirt

Vintage Wreath Personalized Monogram Initial Gold Custom Jewelry

Awesome Wife Tshirts

Custom Monogram Photo Collage Tote Bag

Personalized Black and White Monogram Ornaments

Custom Text on Rainbow (& Cloud!) Blue Lunch Boxes


What is on my desk?

I posted this in a forum thread which asked the question “What is on your desk?”
I thought it was a fun question to ask, I had fun responding, and thought it would be even more fun to repost in my blog lol
So, if you are reading this, ENJOY!!

I have one of those large L-Shaped desks… And every inch of it is covered lol

• Landline – I do not own a cell 🙂
• Combo Printer/Scanner/FAX machine
• My new Bamboo Capture tablet (youngest child inherited my Bamboo Fun)
• A bag of Luden’s Wild Cherry throat drops
• Two Zazzle mugs
• Zazzle Gel pad
• Zazzle mousepad (I use as a coaster lol)
• Speakers
• Dragon statuette I got for Christmas (I was born in the Year of the Dragon, so I collect them and often receive them as gifts)
• Two shot glasses (for looks as they have dog faces on them)
• An over abundance of candles in various shapes, sizes, colors, scents, and containers lol (I love scented candles!)
• Miniature Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story (yes, it lights up!)
• Fairy with (my fave color) purple wings on a mirrored base with message of “Believe in your Dreams”
• Two mini bottles of cherry flavored Vodka (One is now empty lol)
• A box of chocolate covered cherries
• A box of chocolate covered blueberries
• A gift card to a restaurant
• Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
• Purple piggy bank
• Flat screen monitor
• Wireless mouse and wireless keyboard
• Lighters (for lighting my candles)
• Scattered used batteries (Can’t bring myself to toss them in case some still may have some juice in them lol)
• Zazzle luggage tag
• Sheldon Cooper lol (He’s a doll! I got him for Christmas along with a Bazinga fleece blanket which is on the back of my desk chair)
• Hand weights
• Small basket of seashells
• Two filled candy holders
• Flashlight (I use it to entertain the Pomeranian lol)
• Ink pens
• Remote control
• Unicorn ring holder
• Some random plastic toy that my daughter set down (I think it is Alvin the Chipmink’s girlfriend lol)
• Keychains, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pig ornament, Bazinga ornament, and a Sheldon C-Men button


While at my desk tonight, I am watching Sheldon on TBS – Already watched Sheldon twice on the local FOX channel and then the regular Thursday night episode on CBS – Yes, if it isn’t clear, I love Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory! hehe

In the words of Gomer Pyle: “For shame! For shame! For shame!”

For shame on anyone, especially grown ass adults, to talk behind someone’s back, making up tales, just because they are miserable and never grew up!

People like that embarrass me!

The people I am referring to are… well, I don’t know who they are or even how many of them there are, but I do know I am the one they are talking about and the crap they are saying is a bunch of bull! And I find it quite cowardly of them to talk to others about me instead of coming to me to tell me what they think of me! They won’t do that because they know they are spewing venom and I will call them on it!

So, if any of you reading this are any of the one’s talking about me, let me tell you this:

You don’t know me. You only have a perception of me and the one you have is off kilter! Why don’t you act like the grown person you are supposed to be and worry about your own life and erase me from your topic of conversation! Did your mother(s) never tell you that if you couldn’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all?? Did she not ever tell you that what you put out in the universe comes right back at you and karma is a bitch??

Good grief! This whole situation is almost laughable! I am 48 years old and shouldn’t have to be putting up with crap like this, having people talk about me, and playing this high school game! I won’t play it. I am having my say about it to let it be known I will not be pulled into it!

So, for all of you that are so unhappy with yourselves that you think talking about me will make you feel/look better, or at least make me feel as unhappy as you, get over it… It ain’t gonna work! You won’t bring me down to your level. You won’t make me miserable. You won’t make me unhappy. You aren’t in my life and you have no bearing on anything in my life… So you are just wasting your time as well as the time of anyone you go spouting off to. Imagine what they are saying about you! Chew on that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I suck at speaking to others!

Yes, it is true!

I used to talk a lot. And I mean A LOT! But, it seems, as I get older, I get quieter. It’s not that I want to, it’s just that, after years of having my words dissected and analyzed, I have chosen to sort of keep to myself and speak really if only necessary, which means I tend to only speak to my husband and kids. And I know there are times when they wish I would speak to others instead of them! LOL

Since I work from home, and school my youngest daughter here at home, most of my outside interactions take place here online, and that really only consists of posting in forums and writing the occasional blog post. As for actually socializing with people online, well, I don’t do that. Oh I would like to, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t bring myself to do it. For some strange reason I get hit with intense shyness, which was never one of my traits, and I clam up. I suppose I could blame that on my time spent using FaceBook.

I used to love being on FaceBook, interacting with people that I know personally, as in actually know in person, and with those I only had the pleasure of knowing in this online world. But then I began seeing all the drama that occurs when one person didn’t like what another person posted… And then I had my own drama when people didn’t like what I posted. Slowly, but surely, I began to keep to myself on FaceBook, deleting pretty much everyone off of my friends list, and then finally just deleting FaceBook altogether back on October 1st. Being without the drama has been nice, but I miss my FaceBook page… Not the profile, but my page where I was building up a “fan base” and I am struggling with myself about whether or not I should go back just for that. My will is being tested in that regard!


I am wanting to break out of this cocoon I have wrapped myself in and learn to interact with others again in this online world. I’m not concerned with the offline interactions… I have that covered. But, in this online world, I need to learn how to speak with others, interacting with them on social networks, via blogs… Not in IM’s (I really do detest instant messaging as I am not a Chatter (I don’t even talk on the phone – I have never liked that, not even as a teen-ager!) But, as for IM’s, I don’t have time to sit here and do that real-time chat stuff!

So… As days go, I am going to make a conscious effort to interact more. At least I will be giving it some thought as to how to go about it!
Wish me luck!

Until Next Time…..

This comes as no surprise to me…..

but it may to others.

As I peruse blogs written by others, and click on the ones I choose to follow, a question pops into my head: “What will others think when they see this on my list?”

Why does that question come to me? Because the blogs I follow now, and will follow in the future, are very varied, because the things that interest me are very varied. So how do I answer that question? With a very loud “I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK!”

I don’t like pigeon-holing myself into only liking things that are similar and I won’t allow others to pigeon-hole me either. Plus I feel if I were to keep my interests alike, how would I learn about anything else? I don’t want a stagnant mind. I want one that allows me to explore. So it is hard telling what types of blogs will appear in my list. Just know if a blog appears there, it caught my attention and, in my mind, that is a good thing!

Until Next Time…..

Why do I need another blog?

I’m adding this blog because I need a true outlet where I can just… talk.

Express myself.

I may share a random thought, a quote, talk about my day, rant, rave, talk about unschooling my youngest daughter, and/or share things I have seen online & off, etc.

I need a blog where it may make sense as to why I choose to follow certain blogs.

Whatever the reasons may be, I just need to add this blog.

Until Next Time…..