This comes as no surprise to me…..

but it may to others.

As I peruse blogs written by others, and click on the ones I choose to follow, a question pops into my head: “What will others think when they see this on my list?”

Why does that question come to me? Because the blogs I follow now, and will follow in the future, are very varied, because the things that interest me are very varied. So how do I answer that question? With a very loud “I DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK!”

I don’t like pigeon-holing myself into only liking things that are similar and I won’t allow others to pigeon-hole me either. Plus I feel if I were to keep my interests alike, how would I learn about anything else? I don’t want a stagnant mind. I want one that allows me to explore. So it is hard telling what types of blogs will appear in my list. Just know if a blog appears there, it caught my attention and, in my mind, that is a good thing!

Until Next Time…..


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