What is on my desk?

I posted this in a forum thread which asked the question “What is on your desk?”
I thought it was a fun question to ask, I had fun responding, and thought it would be even more fun to repost in my blog lol
So, if you are reading this, ENJOY!!

I have one of those large L-Shaped desks… And every inch of it is covered lol

• Landline – I do not own a cell 🙂
• Combo Printer/Scanner/FAX machine
• My new Bamboo Capture tablet (youngest child inherited my Bamboo Fun)
• A bag of Luden’s Wild Cherry throat drops
• Two Zazzle mugs
• Zazzle Gel pad
• Zazzle mousepad (I use as a coaster lol)
• Speakers
• Dragon statuette I got for Christmas (I was born in the Year of the Dragon, so I collect them and often receive them as gifts)
• Two shot glasses (for looks as they have dog faces on them)
• An over abundance of candles in various shapes, sizes, colors, scents, and containers lol (I love scented candles!)
• Miniature Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story (yes, it lights up!)
• Fairy with (my fave color) purple wings on a mirrored base with message of “Believe in your Dreams”
• Two mini bottles of cherry flavored Vodka (One is now empty lol)
• A box of chocolate covered cherries
• A box of chocolate covered blueberries
• A gift card to a restaurant
• Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
• Purple piggy bank
• Flat screen monitor
• Wireless mouse and wireless keyboard
• Lighters (for lighting my candles)
• Scattered used batteries (Can’t bring myself to toss them in case some still may have some juice in them lol)
• Zazzle luggage tag
• Sheldon Cooper lol (He’s a doll! I got him for Christmas along with a Bazinga fleece blanket which is on the back of my desk chair)
• Hand weights
• Small basket of seashells
• Two filled candy holders
• Flashlight (I use it to entertain the Pomeranian lol)
• Ink pens
• Remote control
• Unicorn ring holder
• Some random plastic toy that my daughter set down (I think it is Alvin the Chipmink’s girlfriend lol)
• Keychains, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pig ornament, Bazinga ornament, and a Sheldon C-Men button


While at my desk tonight, I am watching Sheldon on TBS – Already watched Sheldon twice on the local FOX channel and then the regular Thursday night episode on CBS – Yes, if it isn’t clear, I love Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory! hehe


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